PerfectScan 1.1

A versatile driver for scanners; high-quality images without hassle
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PerfectScan is a versatile driver for scanners. It combines good performance with a high level of quality. Its comprehensive choice of settings, together with the built-in “Quality control and virtual re-scanning” interface, will allow you to get nearly perfect images with just one scanning pass.

Specifically designed for scanning a large number of pages with the minimum amount of hassle, it provides a series of settings to automate all those post-scanning enhancing processes that usually takes up most of your time. Thus, you can set up PerfectScan to automatically de-skew, de-speckle, crop, or remove the black borders of the scanned image, provided that all pages suffer from the same imperfections. Besides, you can set up minimum and maximum values for contrast and brightness, as well as dynamic threshold values.

The standard scanning parameters are very much like those you may find in similar applications, such as resolution, page size, or light regulation. A feature that you will not easily find in other scanning tools is the possibility of producing both a set of two images with a single scanning pass. This feature, called DoubleStream, allows you to save the scanned image in both color and grayscale, without changing any settings and without any further re-scanning.

PerfectScan can be launched from any application that allows you to capture images with your local scanner or by connecting to a scanner on a remote computer.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Installs as a TWAIN driver. Can be used from any scanning application
  • Highly automated processes allow fast scanning without loss of quality
  • DoubleStream feature produces two images with just one pass
  • Easy scanning process


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